Some handy hints for investing in property

Taking the leap into property investing can be a sound way to provide for your future, but there are certain pitfalls savvy would-be moguls should avoid. Greater Lismore Branch Manager Jenny Read has some advice which could save you money. Click here to read more »

The Biv takes Hunter Medical Research to the world

Just last month, HMRI’s Dr Andrew Bivard attended and presented at the XXIII European Stroke Conference in Nice. Dr Bivard is an award winning imaging expert who is working with HMRI’s stroke research team to help enhance stroke recovery and care in patients. Andrew tells us a bit about his experience sharing his expertise with the rest of the world’s leading stroke researchers…

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Keep the winter blues out of your back pocket.

We don’t usually associate winter with spending excessive amounts of money. Most of us prefer to stay at home and keep warm with loved ones. But when our costs just to stay warm become too much for us to ignore, we need to make changes to protect our savings. Greater Branch Manager Gary Luck has some tips on staying warm without getting burnt. Click here to read more »

Saving for your Deposit sooner

You’re in the market for your first home. You scour every source you can, educating yourself on all the aspects of the process you’ll need to know. But even when you’re practically an expert, you’re still faced with that inevitable wait until you’ve saved enough for your deposit. Help is at hand – our Gosford Branch Manager Greg Hancock lets you in on some simple things you can do to speed up your savings journey, so you can buy sooner. Click here to read more »

Tips for when you’re seeking business finance

Does the thought of getting business finance put you in a lather of sweat? It shouldn’t. Here are a couple of steps from Greater Building Society Business Banking Specialist Wes Lassam you should take to help you apply for a business loan or another form of business financeClick here to read more »

Superannuation Myths Exposed

Despite the fact that we live in the information age, there seems to be an abundance of nonsense being circulated when it comes to Superannuation. The Greater’s Taree Branch Manager Jason Potter debunks some common myths for us. Click here to read more »

How the Budget will impact families and business, and 5 tips to help your Budget

With help from a great infographic by Chris Palmer of The Conversation, our Orange Branch Manager Deb Linneman summarises how the Federal Budget will affect you and your business and gives you 5 tips to get your own personal or business budget into “surplus”.

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Why volunteering is its own reward

Over past 7 years, Greater Building Society has built a relationship with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance through its involvement in mentoring programs, Ignition and Emerge. The Ignition program is a chance for teenagers dealing with different degrees of Cerebral Palsy to interact with others, form friendships and find support. The program is run fortnightly for a small group of participants aged 14 to 17 at The Greater’s head office in Hamilton.  Wayne Dean, Ryan Foster and Travis Hall have kindly volunteered this year to be mentors in the program and what follows is some insight into their experiences so far.  Click here to read more »

Budget needs to level the playing field to benefit local people

The four major banks (NAB, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Westpac) have announced they are on track to post record annual profits of a staggering $30 billion. Click here to read more »

Stay smart when banking on your phone

It seems like banking is getting more and more convenient these days with the continued advent of smart-phone technology. And we love it! Australians are among the most addicted on earth to their smart-phones as they make our everyday lives easier with convenient functions and apps. It’s important however, to protect ourselves so that we can make the most of smart-phone banking. Greater Corporate Risk and Security manager Jason Moffat explains how. Click here to read more »

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