An even Greater NHRU Grand Final

The Greater is proud to be a major sponsor of this weekend’s Newcastle and Hunter Rugby Union Grand Final at No. 2 Sportsground, Newcastle. Marketing Manager Matt Hingston lets us know why this year’s Grand Final will be Greater than ever. Click here to read more »

The easy guide to business finance

It is worth spending a little bit of time regularly reviewing the financing of your business to make sure you are not throwing away hard earned money. There are a range of finance options open to business and the right options change as your business changes. Take a look at the list of some of the major options below to see which one or combinations work best for your business at this point in time.  Click here to read more »

We’re all going on a winter holiday…

Despite what you may think, winter is actually out-performing summer as the preferred time for Aussies wanting to see the world. So that you can travel with increased confidence during this busy period, our Wallsend Branch Manager Jodie Daly has some helpful hints if you wish to consider obtaining travel insurance Click here to read more »

How much do you need to live comfortably in retirement?


When we think about retirement, more often than not we picture ourselves living a comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle. But are you on track to actually realise this? Guest blogger Darryn Thode from Bridges wants to make sure your life after work is just as you pictured. Click here to read more »

Greater Championships Netball Comp comes to a head

At The Greater, we’re always trying to find ways to help our customers and our community realise their financial dreams. But there’s more to life than just money. Click here to read more »

What’s your biggest financial challenge?

We all have an area of our finances that we know could do with some attention but let’s face it – most of us would rather think about something else. The problem is that by doing that, we’re costing ourselves money – and more than likely causing ourselves unnecessary stress. Click here to read more »

Canstar explain why customer owned banking is on the up and up.

In a recently released report, Canstar have revealed why more modern consumers are choosing the customer owned banking sector to manage their money. The Greater’s Product Manager David Bryde has more.  Click here to read more »

A Super challenge to kick off MoneySmart Week

This MoneySmart Week, why not take up a financial challenge and get your savings and your future back on track? Click here to read more »

How to save $250 in a month without even trying

Was 2014 supposed to be the year you started to grow your savings? If you’ve lost a bit of momentum and are finding it hard to get off the launch-pad, let our Figtree Branch Manager Gary Luck show you how easy it can be just by re-assessing your smaller spending habits. Click here to read more »

Should you fix your home loan and how do you get the best rate?

With some fixed mortgage rates coming down in the past few weeks many people are asking if it is time to fix. If you are considering fixing it’s important to know that the big banks don’t necessarily have the best deals. Greater Head of Marketing Matt Hingston explains. Click here to read more »

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