Captains to the rescue at Robina Hospital

Imagine you are a young person struck with a serious illness. While all your friends and family are enjoying the comforts of home and the world at large, you are confined to a hospital ward in what is supposed to be the best years of your life..

Sounds grim, huh? But imagine that one day, in walk some weird looking guys and girls all in purple, yahooing and carrying on and encouraging you to cast off your frown and have fun. You play games, sing, make craft and tell jokes.

This is exactly what happens every time The Captains from the Starlight Children’s Foundation make a hospital ward visit, with the support of The Greater Charitable Foundation. Fun is infectious and kids of all ages can’t help but get caught up and forget their troubles for a while. Our guest blogger Captain Starlight fills us in on his latest visit to Robina Hospital. Click here to read more »

There’s value in teaching your kids about money.

We put so much planning and thought into our children’s future, but we often neglect to teach them about the value of money. Our Penrith Branch Manager David Saad has a few simple ways we can impart the proper financial knowledge and habits to our kids. Click here to read more »

How to own your home sooner

Home ownership is the dream of every Australian – we all want our little patch where we are king and can do as we please. For the vast majority of us, we enter into a mortgage in order to make this dream a reality. But if you’re clever or lucky enough to be able to pay off your home loan sooner, why wouldn’t you? The Greater’s Wallsend branch manager Jodie Daly explains how you can. Click here to read more »

Families, start your engines.. Our Great Rate Home Loan can take you to Greater places!

Tired of getting a raw deal on your Home Loan? Don’t let it get you down – switching your Home Loan to The Greater has never been easier, or more appealing. How does a family holiday to QLD’s Gold Coast sound? Let Gold Coast Area Manager Renee Ferguson tempt you.. Click here to read more »

Want to Cruise the South Pacific? Our Great Rate Home Loan can take you to Greater places!

If you’re in the hunt for a loan for your first or simply your next home, you could probably do with a holiday, right? Save yourself some running around – The Greater’s Great Rate Loan offers fantastic value and a holiday on us! Our Bathurst Branch Manager Jayne King has more. Click here to read more »

Business banking: Awards can be rewarding for your business

Applying for awards can be a powerful and cost effective way to market your business as well as motivate and recognise your staff writes Greater Business Banking specialist Callum MacDonald.  Click here to read more »

Laughternoon at the Starlight Express Room

Oh, to be a kid again, right? The world at your feet, nothing to do but play and learn and have fun!

Unless of course, you are one of many Australian children hospital bound with a serious illness. So that these kids don’t miss out on having fun while getting the treatment they need, the Starlight Captains from the Starlight Foundation bring the party to them.

With the support of the Greater Charitable Foundation and Greater Building Society volunteers, the latest stop on the party tour was the Starlight Express Room at the John Hunter Hospital. Guest blogger Captain Starlight recalls what was a fantastic afternoon. Click here to read more »

Are you feeling Fiji? Our Great Rate Home Loan can take you to Greater places!

Ask anyone with a home loan what they need most and they’ll tell you – a holiday! At The Greater, we hear you. It’s great to hit the road and put your feet up, especially when the destination is Fiji’s Plantation Island Resort, writes Orange Branch Manager Deb Linneman.

Click here to read more »

Get smart when it comes to your PIN

It’s a common misconception that using a signature instead of a PIN when using our Credit and Debit Cards is the safer option. This is simply not true, writes Greater Transaction Services Manager Matt Scully. Click here to read more »

Saving Money – who said it had to be hard?

Sometimes it can be hard to see how far we have come with our Savings, or if we are even getting anywhere at all. So it helps to know we’re on the right track, writes Greater Transactional Services Manager Matt Scully. Click here to read more »

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