Camp Quality Play Therapist visits The Greater

On 21 July, the Head of Hospital Play Specialists from the John Hunter Children’s Hospital presented to a packed room of Greater staff members about Camp Quality’s Play Therapy Program funded by the Greater Charitable Foundation.

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A Greater guide to lodging your tax return

It’s now officially tax time, and all across the country accountants are hard at work churning out returns for hard working Australians. But if it’s your first time lodging a return, or you don’t fully understand the process, our Coffs Harbour Branch Manager Derek Lodge has some timely advice. Click here to read more »

Getting Home and Contents Insurance Right

Home and Contents Insurance is often just something we renew each year and are reluctant to review. However, as our Cessnock Branch Manager Renee Hudson points out, taking the time to get it right can be well worth it. Click here to read more »

Inspiring dual Olympic medal winner offers some life lessons

I had the pleasure of catching up with Newcastle born dual Olympic medalist and world champion basketballer Jennifer Screen this month.

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Getting out of debt for good

Regardless of how you get into debt, it can place unnecessary stress on both you and your family. So it’s good to know that getting out of debt isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Greater Building Society branch manager Adam Butler has some valuable advice to help you get your head above water. Click here to read more »

Some top tips for investors at Tax-Time

Tax time can be confusing and stressful, but adding investments to the mix can be enough to make anyone sweat. This year at tax time, we’ve made things a little easier for you. If you’re an investor, let Newcastle Branch Manager Jye Smith help you develop a plan to navigate your way safely through your return.

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A Siblings Program that supports the entire family

Recently, Greater volunteers accompanied the Cerebral Palsy Alliance on their second Siblings Day for 2014 to Minmi’s Treetop Adventure Park. The Greater’s own Robyn Maierhofer reveals how this ground breaking program is rewarding for everyone involved. Click here to read more »

Walking the tightrope when buying and selling

When the time comes to move on from your current home, the transition can be a tough road to navigate. Knowing when to sell and when to buy can feel like you’re spinning plates, but with the right advice from Vicki Briggs, our Branch Manager at The Entrance, you’ll avoid any broken crockery. Click here to read more »

The easy guide to understanding business banking lingo

Ever feel uncomfortable when you meet with your business banker because you are not on top of the key business finance terms? Here’s some of the key terms explained and a note on why they are important to bankers. Knowing how bankers approach lending decisions can save you time and money when seeking finance. Click here to read more »

Getting the best out of tax season for your Business

Business owners around Australia are taking stock of their last 12 months and getting ready for tax time. For some, the look back will provide a better view than others. But no matter how your business is performing, The Greater’s Ballina Branch Manager Bronwyn Chandler has some easy wins to help you protect yourself and get ahead. Click here to read more »

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